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Feature book: Winning the Player

25 November 2015

Winning the PlayerWinning the Player by Leesa Bow

It is all about the sport or in Hunter’s case, Australian Rules football.

Aubree Taylor has had her world shattered. She suffered a knee injury that forced her to abandon her booming basketball career. She has just returned from time overseas, where she went to lick her wounds. What she finds is that she has unfinished business at home in Adelaide. His name is Hunter Stone. Aubree is best friends with his cousin Maddy, so she knows she won’t be able to avoid him totally, but it is when he pursues her that she becomes prickly. She wants to run again, but she decides to stand her ground, deal with Hunter and all the emotions. Aubree also needs to find what she wants to do in life now that her basketball career is over. She finds friends in former enemies and new directions for her life.

Hunter Stone is a god. Okay, he is a footballer (Australian Rules), but all of the people around him treat him like he is a god as he is the team’s best player. He doesn’t go out much as it becomes almost impossible to even have a meal in peace, but all he wants to do is play football. He realises that he wants Aubree in his life, but after their one night, she runs and now he must carefully try and score points with her again.

To Aubree, Hunter has a split personality. When they are together, he is most attentive and could convince her to do almost anything. When he is upset, either jealous or drunk, a totally different person appears. This person is one she doesn’t like. This unlikeable person appears one day on the football field, much to the fans’ disgust, and there are consequences to that behaviour.

This is a new adult story and really shows the difficulties of those aged between eighteen and twenty-five. Some would say they are no different to anyone attempting a relationship. It shows the difficulties of finding themselves and their future direction, but it also shows how they can settle when they find that niche. This story does not have to be read before Maddy’s story, but we do get a look at how Maddy and Luke met.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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