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Feature book: Rock Redemption

18 November 2015

Rock RedemptionRock Redemption by Nalini Singh

Rock Redemption is a heck of a book.

Have you ever loved someone so much that you would break their heart to keep them from dashing themselves upon the rocky shore that is your life? Noah St John has been there and done that.

Noah is a mess—and has been for years. Women by the score throw themselves at him, and he partakes with monotonous regularity. Then along comes Kit and, after a while, a friendship. He is afraid the friendship will end when another element (sex) is introduced.

Kit Devigny is an up-and-coming actor, who thought she was building something special with the bad boy of rock. A solid friendship, built up over time, deepening and morphing into love was where she thought she was headed. Then he deliberately broke her heart.

Moving forward a while, we see Noah hit rock bottom and Kit riding to the rescue, even as she knows it might break her heart again. She can’t see him hurt and not help, no matter how tightly she has to guard her own heart. Being friends with Noah is one of the hardest things she’s had to do, but she knows he needs her. It’s the one piece of honesty he gives at this point in the novel.

Then they are forced into a mock relationship, which will aid Kit’s career. That’s when the tension ramps up. Some wonderful moments of pure love and grace (both in the garden and out of it) are balanced by moments of deep despair on both sides as they work their way through what could be an impossible ask.

With tender and heart-rending but believable scenes, Nalini Singh builds us a story that takes us deep into the dark realms of rotten childhood and the scars that remain into adulthood. She weaves a deeply emotional story between two strong characters, whose childhoods weren’t what they should have been. Kit’s childhood was cold; Noah’s was brutal. How can these two people find a path that leads to a brighter future?

Without spoiling the story in any way (because we know Nalini will deliver a strong love story and a happy ending), Noah knows he’s no good for Kit and does his best to push her away. When he hits rock bottom, it is her friendship (and that of his Schoolboy Choir friends) that keeps him away from the precipice … and for a while, only just a step away. I found myself wishing him well out loud at one point!

This is a mix of abiding friendship in the face of extreme odds and a love that just won’t quit, no matter what life—and our protagonists—throw at it. That friendship may just save Noah and deliver Kit her happily-ever-after if she can crack the ice around Noah’s heart. It’s wonderful to read how Kit coaxes him back into the world.

This is a deeply satisfying and very different novel from Rock Hard. There are fewer moments of fun and hilarity, and this keeps the tension up and the reader on tenterhooks. Be prepared to either cheer or sob out loud when you read Noah say the words, ‘Be with me’. I think my heart stopped, just for a second.

This is the most gut-wrenching book of the Rock Kiss series yet (that’s not to say the others haven’t had their deep, dark moments), and yet the redemption we want for Noah is really more of a saving. I’d have offered to save him myself, but Kit beat me to it. Thank you, Nalini, for yet another wonderful few hours.

Reviewed by Sharon S

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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