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Feature book: Love at First Flight

18 November 2015

Love at First FlightLove at First Flight by Tess Woods

This is not a romance but more women’s fiction. While there is a love story in the book, romance aficionados may be disappointed with the love story. There is no HEA or HFN for the two main characters, at least not with each other.

Melissa is married to Adam, and they have two children. She is a doctor living in Perth. She is to spend a weekend away with her best friend in Melbourne. On the flight to Melbourne, she meets Matt. They strike up a conversation and feel an instant attraction. Matt has been checking out a possible job in Perth and is heading back to Melbourne to his physio business and fiancée, Lydia.

Mel and Matt text each other throughout the weekend, and this leads to a midnight meeting. The pair kiss but do not take it further, as there are many consequences to their actions. Many people will be hurt. They go their separate ways but cannot forget their time together and their feelings for each other.

Matt decides that given his feelings for Mel, he can no longer marry Lydia. He has issues with her mother and the way that Lydia is determined to hold a spectacular wedding. It is not for him. He has thought and thought about it, and he really cannot see why he and Mel won’t work together. He then decides to go back to Perth to find Mel.

The pair have a week to rediscover their feelings with a full-blown affair. It is on that last day that Mel’s lies catch up with her, and her husband discovers the affair. The next part of the book describes how Mel and Adam reconstruct their marriage.

I really felt that Mel is a rather selfish woman, and all thoughts are about her and how she feels. She feels that Adam did not understand her, which becomes one of the reasons she has the affair. After the affair ends, she mourns the loss of Matt even though she says she loves Adam and that he is her soul mate.

The book is written in the first person. We have the first person perspective from Mel, and then from Matt. In the beginning, it was a bit disorientating for me as the reader because while the change happened at the next chapter, it still took a moment to make the change in my head as to which character was now giving their version. I also have that issue with any romance that has cheating as part of the storyline. If you are dating, engaged or married, you don’t have an affair or momentary fling. End it first. Then go and have your fling if you have to.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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