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Feature book: Jamaican Temptation

4 November 2015

Jamaican TemptationJamaican Temptation by Afton Locke

It is the island. It is the music. It is the temptations.

Kyra Mays has arrived in Jamaica for a holiday. She has been working hard and has broken up with her boyfriend. Kyra wants to marry a rich man and not have to worry about money ever again. For now, while on holiday, she wants sex and is ready for her fling. On her first night, she sees the singer in the band and is immediately interested. Justin connects with her, and together the chemistry is undeniable.

Justin has spent most of his life in Jamaica and has come to believe in Rastafarianism. Justin is white and is trying to be a good Rasta, but often he has to deal with the negativity from other Rastas who are predominantly Jamaican. He often struggles with aspects of the religion but believes he will be able to resist temptation. Kyra tempts him to throw away some of those ideals and beliefs. So he does what he can to convince her that his way of life is fine and that both can come together. He shows her the orphanage where he frequently visits, but she only sees her past.

As the days pass, Kyra learns that Justin has a twin and is upset when he tries to set her up with his twin. He does so as Justin has a secret, which will destroy them. When Kyra learns his secret, she is devastated and returns home to await the news.

This is a short book of about 115 pages. Although this story is from Ellora’s Cave, there is not constant sex as it is about the relationship between Kyra and Justin. The relationship starts with instant attraction and develops to deep love. There are the occasional swear words but these are few and far between. The characters will set you thinking about the cultural mix.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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