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Publisher pitch: Penguin Random House Australia, Nov 2015

26 October 2015

PRH_AustraliaThe thrilling final instalment in the Ophelia Lind series, a witty, paranormal romance filled with danger, secrets, a feisty heroine and a drop-dead gorgeous demi-god—Penguin Random House has something for everyone this month.

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Penguin covers_Nov2015Here are our November releases …

The Day We Met by Cheryl Adnams, Vanda Vadas, Avril Tremayne, Sue-Ellen Pashley. Four free, deliciously romantic short stories. The Day We Met is a short story collection by four of our Random Romance authors, about the moment they met the person they fell in love with.

Defiance by Peta Crake (Destiny Romance). By all appearances, sparky, likeable Ophelia Lind—or Phi as she’s known to friends—is completely normal, fond of romance (one boy in particular), likes good times, enjoys her friends. But Phi has another identity and another life, one that is dangerous and unpredictable. In this, the highly anticipated final book in the Ophelia Lind series, those covert activities are ruining Phi’s life. Her secret identity is making her miserable. And the secret protecting her love life is getting harder to keep.


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