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Release day: Ella

14 October 2015

Today is the official release of Ella by Virginia Taylor (ebook and print, Kensington). Here’s the blurb:

EllaElla Beaufort knew better than to rely on a sexy stranger. But with two sisters to support on the modest earnings of the family sheep station, she accepts shearer Cal Lynton’s help—along with his intoxicating kiss. The most Ella can hope for is an affair. Something a woman in her situation wouldn’t dare—or would she?

Heir to his family fortune, Charlton Alfred Landon Lynton abandoned his privileged life to prove his independence. He doesn’t have time for a woman, but once he woos the lovely Ella into his bed, he is ready to make her his wife…until she shocks him with her refusal, claiming she can only marry a rich man! Angry and brokenhearted, the heir in disguise leaves the beautiful golddigger behind…

But amid the breathtaking landscape of South Australian, Ella and Cal are destined to meet again. Will their heated reunion lead to cruel confrontation—or the kind of passion that lasts a lifetime?

Virginia dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

I wrote Ella some years ago when romances set in Australia were hard to sell. Regencies were all the rage in historicals, and this story was set in 1865. But, I had a dream … well, I’m only willing to write what I want to write. Finally I tested the market for RomCom and accepted an offer from Random House to publish two novels. Then, in a flurry, I had three offers of publication for Ella, but only one publisher wanted the rest of the series. The generous offer was from Kensington Publishing Corp, and my dream came true. Ella is the second of my South Lander series, published in the US, though readily available here too.

You can find out more about this book at Virginia’s website and buy it at Amazon.

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  1. helensibbritt permalink
    14 October 2015 8:48 am

    Happy release day Virginia sounds like a great one I need to add it to my must have list 🙂

    Have Fun

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