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Feature book: Chatsfield’s Ultimate Acquisition

30 September 2015

ChatsfieldsUltimateAcquisition_MilburneChatsfield’s Ultimate Acquisition
by Melanie Milburne

Wow! This is a story that has a real love/hate relationship between Isabelle Harrington and Spencer Chatsfield. There are some things they have stewed on for a while, ten years to be exact. They really need to get this out of their system and get on with life, hopefully together. Isabelle comes from a family that runs the Harrington Hotel in New York, a famous boutique hotel, and it means everything to Isabelle who now runs it. She is known to be strong and a person who keeps to herself. She has just had one man in her life, and that was ten years ago. It was a relationship that she will never forget. The memories will always be there as well as the consequences from that relationship with Spencer Chatsfield.

Spencer is part of the hotel chain family, The Chatsfields. He is known as a playboy, but Spencer has a lot on his mind, and yes, he acts that way, but maybe that is not his true self. Isabelle was the only woman he had spent more than a few nights with all those years ago. When their relationship ended badly, he left and got on with his life. Then some news changes the way he thinks. He has a lot to prove to his family and being CEO of The Chatsfield Hotel Chain is maybe the way to do it.

Now ten years later, they are thrown together and Spencer is now Isabelle’s boss, and that spark is still there, stronger than ever. However, it is probably more like hate than love, but we all know how close those two emotions are. I loved this story as both Isabelle and Spencer start seducing each other for reasons they both think are valid. They keep denying the love between them, but when truths come out and the emotions are let go, their HEA is just so great. You will be smiling.

I loved this story. It is so very sensual, emotional and heartwarming to see two very strong people finally open up and give into those sparks that burn up the pages. I highly recommend this one. It really is one not to be missed.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the author’s publicist.

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  1. helensibbritt permalink
    30 September 2015 10:32 am

    This is another great story from Melanie Milburne one not to be missed 🙂

    Have Fun

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