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Tribal Law: breaking news

27 September 2015

Have you read Tribal Law? Were you intrigued by the world created by Shannon Curtis? Did you find yourself wishing for more stories set in this world? So did we!

That’s why we are absolutely thrilled to announce that Shannon has just sold two more books in the series to Harlequin Nocturne:

Shadow Breeds announcement

We’ve spoken to Shannon today to congratulate her. Shannon commented: ‘This series wouldn’t have happened without ARRA members. At the meeting at Better Read Bookshop the suggestions put forward by members were amazing and funny. It was a challenge, but I had so much fun incorporating them into Tribal Law.’ Shannon also said: ‘Those members who participated had really good insight into what readers want to read’.

We also managed to get a few more details. We can reveal that book 2 will be Matthias’s story. His heroine is intriguingly described as ‘someone we have met, but we don’t know her name yet’. Book 3 will be Hunter and Melissa’s story. You might remember Hunter, brother to the hero from Tribal Law, was taken away by the witch Melissa who was going to extract her revenge: under tribal law she is allowed to ‘almost kill him’. Publication for the first novel is tentatively set for late 2016.

Congratulations Shannon!

Tribal LawIf you want to find out more about Tribal Law, you can read the back story here and if you would like to read it you can find buy links here or pick up a copy from Dymocks Canberra or Dymocks Melbourne.

  1. lynette williams permalink
    28 September 2015 10:28 am

    congrats Shannon I enjoyed “Tribal Law” look forward to reading the next 2 books—Lyn

  2. helensibbritt permalink
    28 September 2015 9:07 am

    Woohoo Shannon huge congrats 🙂

    Have Fun

  3. 28 September 2015 5:16 am

    Congratulations, Shannon! That’s great news.

  4. 27 September 2015 8:31 pm

    Congratulations Shannon!

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