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Feature book: The Sinner’s Marriage Redemption

23 September 2015

TheSinnersMarriageRedemption_WestThe Sinner’s Marriage Redemption by Annie West

This is a story about envy, a part of the Seven Sexy Sins series, and it is sure to keep you turning the pages and smiling.

Flynn Marshall has grown up an only child from a working class background. His parents worked on one of the big estates in England. His mother is a cook, his father a gardener, but the owner of the estate, Michael Cavendish, is not the best employer. Flynn sees how hard his parents are working, but he also admires what the boss has, and Flynn decides early on in life that he will aim to be held in high esteem by his peers. He wants to make something of his life and have nothing but the best. So that is what he does. Flynn is a very determined man. Now he just needs one more thing that will make him the envy of every man—the right wife. He knows who he wants that to be.

Ava Cavendish has grown up with everything that a young girl would need. Good schooling, fine clothes, a lovely estate to live on and she is trained to be the ideal woman. However, she lacks true love from her mother and father. Life is not always as happy as it seems, and nice cars and clothes and parties are not everything. Ava is not happy with her life. Things seem to get worse for her when she loses her mother, and her father is pushing more. So at seventeen, she makes the decision to leave everything behind to start over again. She wants to be herself and not to be dominated and intimidated by anyone.

Seven years later, Ava is on holiday in Paris, when she runs into an old friend from days that she has left behind. She has not seen Flynn since the night she left her home for good. He had been the person who helped her and made her feel safe. She is very surprised to see him after all this time, and there is still some spark between them. Both felt it, and after spending time together in the city of love, Paris, Flynn flies back home for work and Ava moves onto Prague to continue her holiday. Of course, Flynn arrives there as well with a proposal.

This is a roller-coaster journey to the most beautiful and emotional HEA that travels through two beautiful cities, Paris and Prague, and then back to England. I loved how open and honest Ava is. She is caring and very loving, and Flynn is such a romantic and determined hero. I loved how he finally realised that he loved Ava, but of course true love never runs smoothly. Ms West has brought these two to life on the pages with an emotionally wonderful story. It really will have you turning the pages and bringing some tears to your eyes as well as smiling. It has a beautiful setting, a beautiful couple and a true story of redemption. It is a story not to be missed. Thank you.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the author. ARRA members who leave a comment by 7 October 2105 will go into the draw to win a copy of the book.

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  1. 24 September 2015 4:09 am

    Congratulations Annie and great review Helen. I am looking forward to reading this book where two friends from different social status, meet again in two of the most romantic cities in Europe. I am sure my memories of my own travels in Prague, Paris and in England will further encourage a lovely connection to the book.

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