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Feature book: Treasured Secrets

16 September 2015

TreasuredSecrets_TalbotTreasured Secrets by Kendall Talbot

Australian Archer Mahoney had a bad childhood. Oh, it started off with great loving parents. A life of travel and adventure on a yacht, searching for treasure, laughing and smiling with his parents until one fateful day when everything changed. Now Archer was alone, moved from orphanage to orphanage, and feeling guilt over what happened. The only thing he had was the necklace that hung around his neck, and not many memories. But Archer has moved on. He now has a million-dollar yacht himself and runs chartered treasure hunting tours around Cairns in Australia. He also has bad nightmares that cause him sleepless nights, but he has a loving girlfriend and makes lots of money. He is on the sea, but there are questions he would like answered, and he will not settle until this happens.

Rosalina is Italian, beautiful and a great cook. She comes from a loving family that makes wine in Italy, but she loves to travel and has landed in Cairns, Australia. She finds work on the luxury yacht, Evangeline, owned by Archer Mahoney, and they are now living together on the yacht. Rosalina loves Archer very much. But she worries about him, his nightmares and the fact that he keeps so much bottled up inside, never opening up to her. This has caused problems, which in the end, causes Rosalina to move back home to Italy.

Rosalina gets settled in Italy again, never forgetting Archer. He is the one person that she wants to help, but she can’t until he wants it. So she gets on with her life, and when Rosalina is out and about in Italy with an old friend, she comes across something that reminds her of Archer’s necklace. She needs to talk to Archer about it. This starts a journey for Archer to Italy to do a bit of research, and the sparks arc between them instantly again. This journey is going to be filled with danger and adventure, as they find more clues about the necklace and discover it leads to a 700-year-old treasure. The memories are coming back for Archer, and he finally opens up to Rosalina, and their love grows so sensually and with so much danger around them.

This is a fantastic story. If you want edge-of-your-seat suspense, the first chapter will have you biting your nails. This is a very sensual romance in a setting that starts in Cairns and moves to Italy and then to the Greek Isles. All the while, they are living aboard a luxury yacht searching for treasure with a mad priest after them. Ms Talbot knows how to bring all of these characters and actions to life. I felt like I was there with Archer and Rosalina, but there will be tears and laughter as you journey with them to such a beautiful HEA. I am very much looking forward to more in this series. Thank you Ms Talbot for writing an action-packed sensual journey, which I highly recommend.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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  1. 16 September 2015 12:39 pm

    Thank you so much for reviewing Treasured Secrets. I’m so pleased that you liked it. Cheers, Kendall Talbot

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