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Feature book: Silk and Scorn

9 September 2015

SilkandScorn_DeanSilk and Scorn by Cassandra Dean

Sarah Wetherall and Arthur Davenport’s mothers are the best of friends and as such are determined their children will wed when the time comes. As Sarah and Arthur grow up, they are encouraged to dance at parties and mix a lot, but neither is pleased with this idea. Sarah has always loathed Arthur, but as time goes on, Arthur has become a lawyer and Sarah has married someone else, so she does not have to marry Arthur. She is sure that she and her husband will do well together.

Years later, Arthur is doing well as a lawyer, and Sarah is now widowed but is having problems with her father-in-law. She is a bright woman who does know what she wants, but she is really getting harassed and decides that she needs some help. She arrives at Arthur’s place of business, and he is shocked to discover Sarah there with a problem. Arthur can be very arrogant. He knows the law and reluctantly takes on the job of helping Sarah.

This is a story about being strong. They realised that after all those years of fighting what their mothers wanted, they truly did match, and falling in love has made them both very happy people. This is another short novella that was enjoyable and a quick read.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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