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Publisher pitch: Pride Publishing, Sep 2015

8 September 2015

Pride_200We are Pride Publishing and we are your new destination for GLBTQI fiction!

Pride is brought to you from Totally Entwined Group—you may know us for being the home of Totally Bound Publishing. This expansion into Pride Publishing has been designed to give our GLBTQI authors and readers both the platform and the community they deserve to express themselves.

September marks the release of our brand new Air Forces anthology, Aim High. With short stories from TA Chase, Stephani Hecht, Morticia Knight, Jenna Byrnes, Sarah Masters and Megan Slayer, this military collection features many sexy men in uniform!

Bailey Bradford is expanding and releasing her much-loved Southern Spirits series. On the surface, McKinton, Texas seems like the stereotypical small town, USA. There’s something in McKinton that stands ready; Southern Spirits that intervene at the worst and best of times. With their humor, charm, and death-defying love, these spirits. If you loved it last time, revisit this series for the chance to read extra epilogues and insights into all your favourite characters. Bailey herself says this is her favourite series to date, catch up on what you have been missing out on throughout September!

If you love your ménage titles, Lucy Felthouse has the perfect book for you, in her new addition to our popular Totally Five Star collection. This addition comes to you from London, England and brings you a saucy MMF read. Fiona signs up to work for this glamorous hotel chain, but gets more than she bargained for when she meets a gorgeous established couple who invite her along for the ride!

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Coming up in September:

  • Evan’s Epiphany by Sydney Presley
  • Tempestuous Tides by LM Brown
  • The Bouncer by AJ Llewellyn
  • A Subtle Breeze by Bailey Bradford
  • When the Dead Speak by Bailey Bradford
  • Trust by Sarah Masters
  • Scorched Edges by LM Somerton
  • Darkness Entwined by Nikki McCoy
  • All of the Voices by Bailey Bradford
  • Wait Until Dawn by Bailey Bradford
  • Solo by Carol Lynne
  • Heart by Bailey Bradford
  • VanDoren’s Vice by Jenna Byrnes
  • Aftermath by Bailey Bradford
  • What Remains by Bailey Bradford
  • Into the Arena by Elizabeth Coldwell
  • TFS London: Eyes Wide Open by Lucy Felthouse
  • Best Kept Lies by Helena Maeve
  • Ascension by Bailey Bradford
  • Aim High anthology by TA Chase et al
  • Hay and Heartbreak by Bailey Bradford
  • Burn by Belinda McBride

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