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Weekly poll: 27 Jul 2015

27 July 2015

Thanks to everyone who participated in our inaugural weekly poll last week. We lured you in with a staid question about when you started reading romance. It seems that a lot of people started reading romance in their teens or before, but every age was covered. Woohoo! It’s fabulous to see that romance is not ageist, it can entice us regardless of how many or few birthdays we may have celebrated.

This week we are venturing into sub genres and Cosmo-esque type polls. So for all those rural romance lovers, those who love their shoes, and those who just want to join the fun, our question this week is …

What sorts of shoes do you wear while reading rural romance? Strange I know, but stick with us, caffeinate those brain cells and let your imagination have some free, ahem, rein 😜

Remember you can suggest a better title for the poll either on the loop or by emailing Gina


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