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Guest blogger: Melissa Craig

26 July 2015

Melissa CraigLove is a wonderful thing

I’ve always found myself fascinated by people in love, and no not in a perverted way. I mean spotting two people showing affection for one another in public will always put a smile on my face no matter what mood I am in. Even though I don’t consider myself an affectionate person while out and about, doesn’t mean I don’t love seeing it in others. I am a big romantic deep down, perhaps because I started reading Mills and Boon at an early age. Yep, my mum’s books got devoured, and I still find an underlying romance in any song, movie or book. It’s probably why I write romance as it always makes me happy.

If you haven’t met me you should know I’m a feminine woman. I love wearing dresses, heels, stockings, drinking wine and eating fine food, although I also find it just as romantic to be in jeans sitting on the lounge having a beer or bourbon with pizza and the one you love. True love does exist. It’s just a matter of finding the right person that makes the heart flutter forty to the dozen or helps you forget about the worries of the world. Nothing makes me melt more than the moment your partner’s lips meet your own. Passion can be spotted a mile away and it should be embraced.

Life is difficult at times, between working, kids, sporting events, household duties and homework, but true love does exist and it’s okay if we need a book to make us recall that moment from years ago. Romance lives on throughout generations and I get excited how an exchange of words or a lingering gaze helps build anticipation. Love is all about tweaking the five senses: smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight. Mm to feel that heat roll up and down one’s core. You know you adore it; friendship, tenderness, affection, attraction, fondness, and devotion are all strong positive words for love.

My contemporary romance The Unblemished Librarian hit top 100 paid of all genres when it was published on iBooks, Australia. It tells a story of a redheaded, sexually suppressed librarian who keeps her family afloat with two jobs after her mother died. It takes place over a year in the most populous city of Australia, Sydney—home of the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The main character is a virgin and has affection for a man who works at a strip club, unsure if her late mother would approve of his buff blessing of a body or his bad-boy lifestyle. But I can tell you this, I don’t leave any senses out of this story and I hope you feel everything Kiera feels.

Keep romance alive and enjoy it any way you can!

Melissa Craig

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The Unblemished LibrarianThe Unblemished Librarian

A contemporary romance set in the most populous city of Australia; Sydney—home of the iconic Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Kiera James. The quiet librarian goes about her daily duties unnoticed by the world, trying to support her father and keep the family home afloat. Up until now, she’s been happy to live out her love life through romance books. But now she’s allowed her heart to fall for a man she has never met, only laid eyes on. She is smitten, bowled over by his boldness, beauty and blazing sensuality. He generates a heart flutter unlike any other. But, is it the best move to feel affection for a man that works at a strip club? A man who’s surrounded by bountiful beauties on a daily basis? Would her late mother approve of Boyd and his buff blessing of a body for her unblemished librarian? Boyd’s lavish lifestyle overlooking Sydney Cove may impress the stereotypical female, but not Kiera. She has had enough tragedy in life to know that money isn’t everything, and life is short. Will Kiera go out on a limb, against her better judgement so he notices her, or will she come to her senses and be the only girl that walks away from him before her heart is ripped apart.

You can buy The Unblemished Librarian here:
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  1. beverleyeikli permalink
    29 July 2015 8:18 am

    What a lovely premise for a story and what a lovely post, Melissa. I agree, love truly is a wonderful and nuanced thing. It’s so wonderful to have it in one’s own life and writing it about it just shares the joy of it even more.

  2. 26 July 2015 11:06 pm

    Love is truly a wonderful thing especially as described by Melissa. I have often thought of it in similar ways – certainly when expressing one’s feelings to the person you love. To show you care no matter where you are or in what circumstance; whether its over a candlelit dinner for two or in a supermarket aisle with a shopping trolley between you. Love truly is wonderful. :o)

    Wishing you every success with “The Unblemished Librarian”,

    Louise Roberts

  3. 26 July 2015 11:13 am

    Sounds like a great premise for a sexy little tale

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