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Release day: Cursed

22 July 2015
Today is the official release of Cursed by Charmaine Ross (ebook, Crimson Romance). Here’s the blurb:

CursedAfter years of abuse and torture at the hands of her father, Katia uses her genetically engineered “gift” to destroy the lab that has been her living hell.She wakes from the explosion to find she’s been transported more than a hundred years into the future to a new world where nothing makes sense. As handsome and as kind as Dr. Julius Freeman is, Katia doesn’t buy his story that she’s been in a coma, and she certainly doesn’t trust him. She does know, however, that the horrors of her previous life have followed her to this century. Katia stirs more than strictly professional feelings within Julius, but he, too, harbors a dark secret that could threaten everything building between them. When Julius is attacked and kidnapped, Katia must face her demons and fight like she’s never fought before to save the man she loves.

Charmaine dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

I was very excited to write Cursed. It’s been a while in the making—a few decades—which started with the exciting opportunities of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. I’ve always thought of the future as providing exciting opportunities. Days ahead, whether they be just around the corner or fifty years down the road are filled with promise and possibilities. They are an open slather, unmarred, unbruised and filled with hope for better, happy days. They haven’t been lived yet, so no mistakes have been made, no bad things have happened, where everything across the board in life has the same amount of potential. And I tend to favour the future with optimism. I wanted to write a tortured protagonist who is desperate to change her future against all odds. What better to make it set in the future, combined with the mix of futuristic possibilities like genetic engineering, telekinesis, manipulation of brain patterns and, of course, falling in love with the man that gets to help her with her journey. It’s a wild ride and one I hope my readers will enjoy from start to finish.

You can find out more about this book at Charmaine’s website and buy it at Crimson Romance.


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