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Feature book: Snowy River Man

22 July 2015

SnowyRiverMan_ChandlerSnowy River Man by Lizzy Chandler

Katrina Delaney had grown up an only child with no father. Her mother and she were comfortable, but her mother had always refused to talk about her father. Her life was happy and she never wanted for anything. She had always had visions or dreams but she and her mother chose to ignore them. That is until a one night stand seven years earlier led to a lot of changes in Katrina’s life. After a wonderful night in Jack’s arms, she is stunned to find out that he is engaged and runs the next morning but when she finds out that she is pregnant, her life changes. The visions become stronger and happen more often. She is very ill and her mother puts her in hospital where she is heavily sedated and is told that her baby has died. She of course is devastated but gets on with her life and the visions appear only when there is a little boy lost and she has helped the police with finding the child. She hears about another lost boy in the Snowy Mountain area, and she packs a bag and gets there as soon as possible, but what she discovers is quite a shock to her.

Jack Fairley has grown up on the land in the Snowy Mountains. Although his family worked on one of the big properties after his marriage to the daughter of that family, Jack now owns this land and works hard to keep everything going. He is a widower now with a six-year-old son, Nick. There are many secrets surrounding Jack’s son, and although he never loved his wife as he should have, they were very close and his son means everything to him. When Nick goes missing during a big rodeo on the property, Jack is frantic. Although he is a sceptic, he agrees to a psychic coming to help find Nick, but when the psychic arrives, there are a lot of sparks as soon as he sees Katrina, the woman he has never forgotten after a one-night stand many years ago.

Jack and Katrina have a lot to learn about themselves and each other. The sparks between them are so strong, but both of them really need to find answers and open up. Katrina does help find Nick, and there is also an instant bond between them. Nick is very attached to Katrina, and Jack decides that he has kept too many secrets from Katrina. He does all he can to keep her at the property while things are sorted.

This is an emotional and rocky journey to a HEA for all three, Nick included. Many truths are revealed, not only about Katrina, but Katrina’s deceased mother who plays a big part as well. The setting is lovely and the story is very well written. It will draw you in from the beginning and keep you turning the pages. The characters are all people that you will like and feel close to. I do recommend reading this one.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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