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Feature book: It Started with a Kiss

22 July 2015

ItStartedWithAKiss_HeidkeIt Started with a Kiss by Lisa Heidke

Friday Jones can’t believe her husband of twenty years is serious when he announces he’s unhappy, bored and wants out of their marriage. He says she doesn’t listen to him or support him in his aspirations to be a stand-up comedian. Miserable and confused, Friday loses her cool at work and is sent off to a health retreat. There she meets a man who seems to appreciate her. Before she can think it through, Friday finds herself in the throes of a very torrid affair.

In the light of day, she’s consumed by guilt, finally confiding in her friend, Rosie, who disapproves loudly but uses Friday’s guilt to convince her she should try online dating. Always full of crazy ideas, she drags Friday into her latest scheme, divorce parties. It’s a roller-coaster of a life, further complicated by two teenage daughters who are very unhappy that their parents are separated.

Liam has moved in with his brother, who is everything Liam is not. He’s single and a hugely successful businessman, who loves to party and bring a different girl home each night. It’s a wild life and a total contrast to the mundane life Liam has been living. But before long, the novelty starts to wear off. Too many mornings going to work still hungover, guilt about other women, a bachelor pad with little food and plenty of mess are starting to make him question his decision to leave Friday. Gradually Liam begins to realise that pursuing his dreams of becoming a stand-up comic need not be at the expense of his marriage, home and family.

This is a very entertaining, well written story of the ups and downs of marriage and family. It’s real and the characters are richly portrayed. I cringed at the trouble Friday and Liam got themselves into, desperately wanting to scream at them to get counselling, as I believe this family was meant to be together. I highly recommend this book, but for readers of women’s fiction, be aware that some of the sex is graphic.

Lisa Heidke is a very talented Australian author.

Reviewed by Rosalie

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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