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Feature book: Blood Moon

22 July 2015

BloodMoon_GrantBlood Moon by MA Grant

Dana is a school teacher who has moved into Connor’s apartment as his roommate (the story for which is in Red Moon). She is an independent, well-balanced person. She had a thing for Connor but doesn’t act on it, instead creating a good friendship with him. At the start of the story, she is a bit frazzled organising a Halloween fair at her school.

Connor is a very rich playboy who owns a popular casino in Las Vegas called Infernus. He has two brothers—Flynn, whom he lives near when in Alaska, and Owen, who still lives with their abusive werewolf father. Their father is a seriously screwed up individual, who has left psychological scars on all three of his sons from years of systematic abuse.

Dana and Connor begin the story as friends. She thinks he’s gorgeous and sexy, but she enjoys their friendship and doesn’t want to cross the lines they’ve drawn. She’s aware he’s a “playa” but accepts that as part of who he is rather than dwelling on what she can’t have. She doesn’t know he’s a werewolf though or that he can smell her desire for him. As the story progresses, he loses his will to resist her, due in part to her scheme to get him to acknowledge her, and he decides to take a chance his demons (figurative not literal) won’t hurt her. Dana and Connor have a relatively normal relationship with little misunderstanding. They are explosive together sexually, amping each other up. They are aware that this is not a usual situation for either of them.

Blood Moon is the sequel to Red Moon, but I read it as a stand-alone book. There are some really dark scenes in this book, but they are not gratuitous, providing background drivers for the characters and actions of the brothers. It’s not all grim though, and the relationship between Connor and Dana is enjoyable to read. There’s a lot of passion between them, and they have explosive sexual encounters. The story is fast paced, keeping your attention and even throwing in a private jet or two with a shopping spree at an exclusive apparel boutique to satisfy your billionaire hero/girlie squee requirements. The story is a gritty paranormal with werewolves learning to balance their dual nature. A good read. Enjoy.

Reviewed by Gina

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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