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Facebook group: launch party

16 July 2015

ARR Facebook LogoToday ARRA has launched a chat group on Facebook. This group will be a promo-free zone that gives readers and authors (both members and non-members) the opportunity to discuss romance books with a wider audience. It will feature a different theme each weekday to keep the conversation going.

If you would like to join us in the Facebook group—just click on the link here.

But please note: DO NOT add people to the group without their permission. Please share the group link with your friends and they can then decide whether they would like to join.

As part of our launch we will be running a giveaway.

Everyone who joins the group between now and 8 pm on Monday 20 July will go in the draw to win two books (romances of course).

In addition, everyone who successfully refers someone to the group will be eligible for a second prize. When sending the link around to your friends tell them to say “My friend xxxx sent me” (i.e. using your name), and you’ll be in the running for the referral prize. The person with the most referrals posted to the group page will win.

We have a nice selection of books left over from the convention in March. The two winners will have their choice of any two books from the list of books available.

So come and join us to chat about all things romance …

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