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Feature book: The Shattered Court

15 July 2015

TheShatteredCourt_ScottThe Shattered Court by MJ Scott

Lady Sophia Kendall is a witch-in-waiting. She’s only days away from her birthday, when her powers will manifest. If they are strong, her powers bound to the temple and the earth, she will marry well and serve the Court. If not, she will marry a lesser noble and live on his estate somewhere in the kingdom. Neither prospect brings Sophie any joy, but she has no way to change her fate. When the queen-to-be sends Sophie on an errand to buy magical supplies, she sends Lieutenant Cameron Mackenzie, a member of the Royal Guard, as her escort. While they are away, a devastating attack on the palace leaves the kingdom in chaos. As it’s too dangerous to go back to the palace, Cameron takes Sophie away from the capital, north to his family estates. During their escape, Sophie’s powers manifest stronger than she could have imagined, and the energy she raises affects both her and Cameron. Instead of binding her to the earth, it seems she is bound to Cameron. Once they can return to Court, her unbound status is viewed with suspicion, and those who would use a witch’s power are now suspicious of Sophie. Her life is in danger.

Cameron Mackenzie has sworn to protect the Queen and the Court. His loyalty is not questioned until his flight and subsequent return with Sophie bring to light the fact that Sophie cannot pass through the various initiations, which will curb her magic and keep her skills tied to the Court. Instead, all her magic is intertwined with Cameron’s and with no way to bind her, those who want to gain power and be close to the Queen question Sophie’s place in Court. Cameron’s allegiance has shifted now. His first commitment is to Sophie, and so when her life is threatened, his only thought is keeping her safe.

I loved this new series and plan to head off to MJ’s site to see if there is any indication when the next one is due out. I am totally committed to this new series. Move over CJ Wilson, MJ Scott is on the running track and really giving you a run for your money. So anyway, for those who loved her first series, she just gets better, and, seriously, for CL Wilson fans who are waiting around, looking for something else, here’s your lady. The world building is strong and realistic as are the characters. I really, really want to know what happens next. Please don’t make me wait too long, MJ 🙂

Reviewed by Rosalie

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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