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Release day: Touring the Stars

8 July 2015

Today is the official release of Touring the Stars by SE Gilchrist (ebook, Escape Publishing). Here’s the blurb

Touring The StarsThe Starburst Rock Band – coming to a galaxy near you…

The first long-range star voyager will soon depart the Seven Galaxies on its quest to find Earth. Desperately in love with a Darkon warrior who appears oblivious to her existence, Elise has reserved a cabin. But before she leaves, she has one more thing she wants to do: bring some fun and light into the countless lives that have known only war. And if it gives her one last chance to try and win her warrior’s heart? Well, so much the better.

Commander Magar understands duty, and that the world might not be as safe as everyone hopes. Under the cover of providing security for the new rock band, Magar has orders to search for a renegade Elite captain – one who has no intention of coming quietly. But the close quarters with Elise, the woman who holds his heart – and the hearts of his daughters, makes keeping his mind on work increasingly difficult.

He may not be worthy of her heart, but that doesn’t stop him from craving it, along with her body and soul.

SE Gilchrist dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

The seventh story in my Darkon Warriors, science fiction/space opera romance series, Touring the Stars is a novella of approximately 34k words and is the story of Magar and Elise – two minor characters from the first book. Touring the Stars was a fun write for me. When I wrote the first book in this series, Legend Beyond the Stars, I always wanted to give the hero’s best mate a HEA. I also knew he was meant to be with Elise, but at that time, with a war raging it didn’t seem to be appropriate moment. And ever since I read about the concept of a space elevator, I wanted to incorporate that piece of futuristic technology into one of my books. Norman, the Jurian alien who made his first appearance in the first book, has always been Elise’s best buddy and encourages her to reach for her childhood dream of being a singer in a rock band. I can visualise both of them quite clearly up there on that stage and I also wanted to hint at a HEA for him too. So I had a few different threads and needed to weave them together into a coherent and interesting story. Then, when I finished Bargain with the Enemy and knew the first ship was about to depart for Earth, I suddenly had the conflict I needed. Will Elise return to Earth or stay and fight for her man? I added that to the idea of ‘mopping up’ remaining renegades still at large after the war and Magar’s own tragic past and I had my story. A bit of trivia: Did you know that the concept of a space elevator was first published in 1895 by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky? I find that amazing. Also, there is a Japanese construction giant, Obayashi, who have announced their intentions to have a space elevator up and running by the year 2050. It will be powered by magnetic lenear motors and carry people and cargo to a newly built space station, travel 96,000 kilometres into space and will take seven days to get there.

You can find out more about this book at SE Gilchrist’s website and find buy links at Escape Publishing.


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