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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Jul 2015

2 July 2015

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July has arrived and we are happy to bring you some hot titles to heat up your ereader in these winter months!

We have big changes coming up this month and we are all hard at work getting everything ready for the 7th, which is our official launch day! We are making a move from Totally Bound to Totally Bound and Pride Publishing. All of our GLBTQI titles will be moving home to Pride while Totally Bound will continue to publish the MF and ménage titles you know and love. So, this month for Totally Bound we are starting off our hetero-only publishing lives with a bang!

We have a beautiful new website, with lots of discounts and offers to celebrate! So come on over and see what we have for you!

Our Totally Five Star imprint is continuing to whisk you away to exotic and exciting destinations around the world! The newest addition is Jasmine Hill’s The King of Infierno, available everywhere from 7 July. The King of Infierno spirits you away to the renovated palaces of Madrid, back-alleys and BDSM clubs. This book will take you from Sydney, Australia to Madrid—something I am sure all you readers can imagine! A young virgin comes face to face with an experienced Dom with explosive consequences!

We have a new addition to our What’s her Secret? imprint, Designated Alpha by Crissy Smith. This novel follows on from Crissy’s earlier release, Last Call—where a young woman discovers her own secret identity as a shifter, and nothing can ever be the same again. Designated Alpha charts Piper’s growing understanding of her own development, with her boyfriend Jace there to support her every step of the way. However, sometimes even Jace can’t save her from the perils which await the emerging shifter population. Coming out 14 July, early download your copy from Totally Bound today!

Keep track of what else we have coming up by visiting our brand new, made-over website:

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Coming up in July …

  • Carousel by Aurelia T Evans
  • The King of Infierno by Jasmine Hill
  • Soul Keeper by Natalie Dae
  • The Final Quarter by Anne Lange
  • Designated Alpha by Crissy Smith
  • Perfect Notes by Jaye Peaches
  • Soul Purpose by Nichelle Gregory
  • Ignite by Kait Gamble
  • Owned Forever by Willa Edwards
  • The Promise of Love by Billi Jean
  • Bliss by Helena Maeve
  • Coyote’s Kiss by Crissy Smith

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