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Release day: Tower of the Ice Lord

1 July 2015

Today is the official release of Tower of the Ice Lord by Anne Mok (ebook, Dreamspinner Press). Here’s the blurb:

Tower of the Ice LordArius the sorcerer has lived in solitude for centuries, watching over his frozen tundra and sending his ice wolves against the kingdom of Evernesse. Only a sacrifice of royal blood can end the war, and it comes when Loren, son of the king of Evernesse, arrives at the Ice Lord’s tower, willing to die to procure peace. Though stunned and mistrustful, Arius agrees. But as the fateful day draws nearer, Arius learns Loren’s bravery and commitment run deeper than he suspected, and Loren begins to see the lonely man beneath the Ice Lord’s mask. Arius’s god demands a sacrifice, Loren might be his people’s only hope, and both men must choose between the conflicting demands of duty and love.

Anne dropped by today to tell us about this book:

I read fantasy because I want to discover worlds I never dreamed could exist, and walk in the shoes of people I never would have imagined. But look closer, and you will find that a fantasy story often has a love story at its heart. Because no matter what world you are from, or who you happen to fall for, part of human nature is the need to love and be loved. My story is about two men who should be sworn enemies, but discover a connection that runs deeper than their differences. Fantasy might be about saving the world. But love is what makes it worth saving.

You can find out more about this book at Anne’s website and buy it at Dreamspinner Press.


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