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Feature book: Tango Love

24 June 2015

Tango LoveTango Love by Nicole Flockton

Melinda Jones has a roommate, James Brody, in the house she owns. They’re friends, and she has realised she’s fallen in lust, if not love, with him.

James has decided to approach Melinda as more than a friend or housemate. He presumably arranges a tango to be played at a club, where he and Melinda enjoy a night out separately.

James invites Melinda to tango with him, and they move effortlessly into a seductive dance. The dance leads to a hot night of passion but an early-morning disappointment. James and Melinda have been dancing (totally punned it) around each other for a long time, and other partners have fallen by the wayside in recent months. Despite the ‘key’ scene, the relationship felt HFN rather than HEA.

The start of this twenty-page story pulled you in with Melinda and James decisive and performing a sexy tango and more. The morning after is fraught with uncertainty. This shift from hot connection to awkward self-doubt is a bit jarring and a wakeup call from an enjoyable fiction to reality. The scene with the key pulls the reader out of the story, generating a pile of questions before it is played out. Actually, the ‘key’ scene would have been great as the prompt to the morning after. Everyone’s taste is different. The morning after scenes didn’t gel for me, but the tango and more portion was a fun, short read.

Reviewed by Gina

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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