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Release day: Tempting the Knight

22 June 2015

Today is the official release of Tempting the Knight by Heidi Rice (book 2, Fairy Tales of New York series) (ebook, Tule Publishing). Here’s the blurb:

Tempting the KnightOnce upon a time, poor little rich girl Zelda Madison wanted someone to love her, until she discovered being a badass was much more fun.

Ten years after getting kicked out of convent school and torn away from her three best friends, Zelda has worked hard to clean up her act, but her wild streak has never been completely tamed and — one midnight swim on Manhattan Beach later — she’s suddenly in urgent need of a knight in shining armor…

Hard-working legal aid attorney Tyrone Sullivan is the last guy she should call. Not only does he hold a grudge when it comes to Zelda leading his little sister astray all those years ago, he’s also supremely pissed about having to rescue a runaway supermodel from a Brooklyn police station at two am. But when Ty reluctantly agrees to bust Zel out of her ivory tower and let her hide out on his house barge for a few days, she shows him the wild side he didn’t know he had.

Zel discovers there’s nothing hotter than tarnishing a good guy’s armor… Until he starts to steal her bad girl’s battered heart…

Heidi dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

When Amy Andrews originally suggested doing oblique hot new versions of classic fairy tales, I said… WTH? Seriously? That sounds like a crap idea, I can’t stand fairy tale princesses, they’re all such wimps and so annoyingly sweet and prissy. Then Amy proceeded to explain to me what ‘oblique’ meant and that the stories would be hot with non-wimpy heroines. Duh! Well, she didn’t say duh, but she should have… Because how wrong was I? Once Kelly Hunter and Lucy King got involved too and we started brainstorming, I nabbed Rapunzel and discovered Zelda, my bad girl super-model who is anything but a wimp (or sweet or prissy, frankly). And Ty Sullivan, dedicated legal aid attorney and Zel’s very reluctant knight in battered denim who busts her out of her ivory tower one very hot, naughty Labor Day weekend in Brooklyn. We had so much fun writing these stories I think it’s only fair that readers have as much fun reading them…

You can find out more about this book at Heidi’s website and buy it at Amazon.


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