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Feature book: The Master

10 June 2015

The MasterThe Master by Kresley Cole

Catarina Marin is about to hit rock bottom. She’s desperate and contemplating doing something she would never even have considered a few years ago back when her life was comfortable and she was oblivious. But right now, she needs to make a lot of money fast. If she doesn’t get out of Miami in the next few days, she’s sure she’ll end up dead. Convinced she has seen her murderous ex, she agrees to act as an escort. It won’t be for long; the money’s good, and it might be the only way she can stay alive. And staying alive is the number one priority. Since she fled her home, Cat has built a firm list of strategies that have kept her safe and alive. Compromising isn’t an option, so, despite strong misgivings, she allows one of her own cleaning clients to talk her into taking her place for one evening.

Opening the door to a curvy, brunette did not augur well for Maksimilian Sevastyan’s short-term plans in Miami. He only orders tall, slim blondes, who are willing to agree to his unusual preferences. From the moment Cat walks in his door, she turns his life upside down. She talks, questions every demand he makes and negotiates some of her own. Reluctantly intrigued, Maksim finds himself agreeing to much more than he would ever have envisaged and, despite his determination, he is unable to get Cat off his mind. Torn between the horrors of his past and his inability to move on from Cat, he insists she stay with him until he tires of her.

This is the second in Kresley Cole’s Game Maker erotic romance series. It’s hot and it’s dark, but at its core, it’s also a very enjoyable and satisfying romance. Maksim must deal with his crippling past and help Cat if they are to have any chance of happiness. For me, this book is not quite as good as The Professional, but it is worth picking up if you enjoyed the first one. You can read it as a stand-alone, but as always with a series, the books are better when read in order.

Reviewed by Rosalie

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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