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Feature book: One True Heart

10 June 2015

One True HeartOne True Heart by Jodi Thomas

This is a typical Harmony story. There are three stories linked and interwoven together to create the whole in Ms Thomas’s wonderful style.

Millanie McAllen and Drew Cunningham are drawn together when Drew gives Millanie a ride to Harmony from the airport. Drew is very cagey about what he has been doing and why. Millanie has a medical discharge from the army—almost—but she is given orders for one last task. She must go undercover, and when she does, she finds she has a research assistant—one she doesn’t expect. Millanie and Drew have much to work through and many secrets to divulge before they can get to their happy ending.

Beau Yates wants to play his music. He is a musician who has become famous and has many resources at his disposal. He comes back to Harmony when he is told his father, the pastor, is dying. He doesn’t feel much for his father but feels for his stepmother, who had to live with the old man. At the bank, he finds Trouble. Trouble is his term for the girl who he used to sneak away with to have a few moments of freedom when they were both teenagers. He gets to learn more about Lark and her background. He becomes convinced that with her background, she would not want to be with him, someone who has come from such an underprivileged background.

Johnny Wheeler is arrested for the murder of his wife. He declares his innocence, and Kare Cunningham defends him, proclaiming he didn’t do it; his palm says so. When his wife turns up (she had run off with another man), he is released from jail but then charged with drug dealing, courtesy of his wife’s lover. It seems he cannot win when all he wants to do is go back to the farm to live a simple life. He finds that he has missed Kare more than his wife (he does divorce his wife), and he then goes about wooing Kare in his unassuming way. What he doesn’t realise is that Kare is not a flake like he and many others think, but she has a much tougher interior. Nevertheless, he falls for her instantly and wants to protect her forever.

I always enjoy Ms Thomas’s Harmony books and look forward to the next one to see who will be matched with whom and the trials they need to go through. This book also gave me a nice surprise. I have to admit, the moment when Johnny is looking after and thinking about Kare made me fall a little in love with Johnny. It is his gentle nature and the way he thinks about things, which immediately impacts upon the reader. He is definitely someone you would want on your side.

Another wonderful book in the Harmony series.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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