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Feature book: Until He Met Meg

3 June 2015

Until He Met MegUntil He Met Meg by Sami Lee

Bryce Carlton is used to having his orders obeyed immediately, so the wealthy Australian CEO of a finance company is intrigued when he meets Meg Lacy. When they both jump into the same taxi during a downpour in Sydney, Bryce’s life is changed completely. Meg Lacy moved to the city from her outback hometown to fulfil her dream of being an interior designer. After being forced to leave a retail furniture position due to sexual harassment from her boss, Meg thinks a new job seems impossible. Yet she is not willing to be a pushover for the attractive man who ruins her plans.

Bryce’s daughter, Phillipa, has scared off another nanny, and his long term housekeeper is upset about caring for her. He needs to get home to find a new nanny. Except the longer they argue, the more he wants to spend more time with Meg. Both take the taxi to Bryce’s home, and Meg goes inside to use his phone while Bryce talks with his daughter. Meg falls asleep, stays the night and Bruce asks her to be the new nanny.

Slowly Meg builds a relationship with Phillipa, and the attraction between her and Bryce grows. Sexual tension simmers as they learn more about each other. Bryce follows Meg’s advice, and his relationship with Phillipa starts to improve while Meg relishes the opportunity to show Bryce her interior design skills.

When Bryce’s ex-wife returns from a holiday and takes Phillipa for a weekend, Bryce and Meg are unable to resist and make love. Then reality intrudes; Bryce retreats and tells Meg he has found her a new job as an interior designer.

Devastated, Meg leaves the Carltons. Back at home, she is restless and doesn’t fit in, however, she can’t see any way to make her dreams come true. But the nagging question for her is whether it is her shattered dream of interior design or Bryce and Phillipa she misses the most?

Bryce is left with an upset daughter and housekeeper, and his board isn’t impressed as his time working from home increases with no new nanny. Yet these aren’t his biggest problems as he fronts up to his fears. Can he move forward?

Lee’s erotic romances are always a great read, and this story shows that she can also write sweet romances with the same flair. This story flows and the characters draw you in immediately. I’d recommend getting comfortable with this book as you’ll want to keep turning the pages until you reach the end.

Reviewed by Tracey

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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