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Feature book: Lady Beauchamp’s Proposal

3 June 2015

Lady Beauchamp’s Proposal by Amy Rose Lady Beauchamps ProposalBennett

Lady Elizabeth Beauchamp fell in love during her second season with Hugh de Lancey Harcourt, Earl of Beauchamp, and when they married, she was looking forward to a happy marriage, but things don’t always turn out the way we want them to. Hugh was not the man she thought he was. Although never physically cruel to Elizabeth, he was often mentally cruel to her. He accused her of being drab, and he kept many mistresses. He went to the continent and fought with Wellington, but came back not well at all. Then Elizabeth gets a note from her husband’s mistress, telling her that her husband has a dreadful disease, syphilis, and he now wants to beget an heir. Elizabeth has no other option than to escape her marriage and try and make a new life for herself a long way away from him.

James Huntly, Marquess of Rothsburgh, who has only recently been widowed by a beautiful but adulterous wife, lives pretty much like a recluse in his castle Eilean Tor in the wilds of Scotland. He has sent his daughter Annabelle to live in Edinburgh with his sister and her family. He was the laughing stock of the Ton because of his wife, and although he has not long returned from the continent after fighting with Wellington, he is strong and determined to keep his head held high. He is positive he will never fall in love again as he did with his wife, who was a diamond of the first water during her season in London.

Lady Beauchamp escapes London and changes her name to Mrs Beth Eliott, a widow, who has no means of support. She discovers the Marquess of Rothsburgh needs a governess for his daughter. She decides that should be far enough away from her husband, and she will be safe. She only hopes the Marquess will hire her for the position. By the time she arrives on the castle doorstep, she looks like a drowned rat. She meets the Marquess himself, only to take ill for days and have him care for her, and she learns there is no position now. Beth is extremely worried. James is instantly attracted to Beth from the beginning, not only to her looks but her backbone as well. He is very keen to have her stay on as his housekeeper, but he would dearly like her as his mistress.

This is a great story, and it is very hot and sensual as James and Beth get closer. They have a very steamy affair, but of course Beth is hiding a lot of secrets while James is doing something that he swore he would never do again. He is falling in love, and Beth is too. Then visitors arrive at the castle and Beth is recognised. They realise that Beth needs to get away from the castle, but in Edinburgh, Hugh finally tracks Beth down. When so many truths come out, and Beth is forced away from James, she thinks she will never see him again. But in the end, there is a beautiful HEA that will have you smiling. I did very much enjoy this one and highly recommend it. There is a lot going on that will keep you turning the pages, and you may need a fan.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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