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Feature book: Catch ‘n’ Kiss

3 June 2015

Catch n KissCatch ‘n’ Kiss by Rhian Cahill

Jody Walsh, a curvaceous single mum, is independent and has a frosty attitude to Dan, her co-worker. He was quite rude to her when she started working at Are You Game, and he just rubs her the wrong way. Jody has two daughters and has been separated from Colin for just over twelve months. She has just had Colin served with the papers to finalise their divorce. Her brother Lucas is in a relationship with Cass, the owner of Are You Game.

Dan O’Conner, whom we met in Book 1, is a nice guy, but he was an ass to Jody when she started at the company. He felt her employment was a comment on his performance even though there was clearly enough work for the both of them. Dan is attracted to Jody, but he decides not to act on it as they are co-workers, and he previously had a bad experience with a work colleague relationship.

Jody and Dan have an interesting beginning. He is attracted to her but won’t have a relationship with a work colleague. In turn, Dan just rubs Jody the wrong way, even by just breathing. 🙂 Dan comes to realise he has a serious attraction for Jody, and he becomes quite determined in attempting to befriend and kiss her. After the disastrous end to her marriage to Colin, Jody really doesn’t want another man in her life—maybe for some grown up attention, but certainly not for an actual relationship. Dan’s civility and his strategic attacks on Jody’s lips eventually wear her down. She has a war with herself, not wanting a relationship with Dan but enjoying and appreciating his attentions and kindnesses to her and her daughters.

This book was an interesting read because I didn’t like either of the main characters at the start of the story. However, Dan proves to be very thoughtful alongside his naughty invitations, and Jody becomes a more sympathetic character as her back story and thoughts are revealed—although she’s no Pollyanna. 🙂 Catch ‘n’ Kiss is a standalone addition to the Are You Game series, but reading the first novel, 7 Minutes in Heaven, will give you background to the Are You Game business and key players. Read it if you enjoy exasperating men who perform strategic kiss attacks. 🙂

Reviewed by Gina

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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