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Feature book: Rusty Nailed

27 May 2015

Rusty NailedRusty Nailed by Alice Clayton

Simon Parker (Wallbanger) and Caroline (aka Nightie Girl) are back, very much in love and busier than ever. For Caroline, it’s about to get even crazier. Her boss, Jillian, is getting married and taking an extended break. Adding to the extra workload, Caroline scores a huge account and is juggling that, learning just what it takes to run her own business. Having Simon away so much means she can concentrate on work. They talk every day (among other things!), and when he’s in town, catching up is very rewarding. After a trip down memory lane at a school reunion that Simon was reluctant to attend, until Caroline agreed to go with him, Simon is suddenly not travelling as much. Instead of feeling pleased to have her gorgeous man around more, Caroline is feeling the pressure.

So it’s back to the nostalgia of a Sex-in-the-City type setting. Not that I was a fan, but I’ve watched the ads and read the headlines. Devotees of this scenario are in for another treat.

So where are they headed? Does domestic bliss factor in to their future together? While Caroline revels in her exciting life, Simon is looking to the future. He is looking to settle down, giving up his harem and devoting his considerable skills to meeting Caroline’s needs. Sigh! Gorgeous dream man.

Caroline’s friends have mixed fortunes in their relationships. Three female friends pairing up with three male friends would have been perfect for all. Miami and Ryan are heading for ‘I do’, but not so Sophie and Neil. Alas, it’s not so easy to keep their distance when all their friends are together.

Between weddings, celebrations and weekend get-togethers, Sophie and Neil are out to prove they are over each other. Their antics and the machinations add an amusing and entertaining depth to this second in the series while Caroline and Simon learn to adjust to life as a couple.

It’s another enjoyable read for those who love the hectic lifestyles of the upwardly mobile and very rich. Well written and entertaining, but do read Wallbanger first. No hardship, really. 🙂

Reviewed by Rosalie

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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