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Feature book: Roses for Sophie

20 May 2015

Roses for SophieRoses for Sophie by Alyssa J Montgomery

Sophie Hamilton is heiress to a big mining company. She is an only child. After her parents’ death when she was a young child, she was raised by her grandfather, Rigby, who has brought her up to be a caring, strong person, and she can run the business really well. Sophie has been married but to her best friend. It ended in divorce, and the media followed her for a long time. She is a private person who does a lot for charities, especially children’s ones. That has much to do with the fact that she has been told, after a riding accident, she will probably never have children of her own. So she throws everything she has into running the company, especially now that her grandfather is very ill. She will do just about anything for him. However, she also has a cousin who wants the job too. Her grandfather wants Sophie to marry and be happy. He feels that she will need support during the years to come, and this is his one wish. Although Sophie believes in love, she will do her best to accommodate that wish, but she needs to find the best man for the job and perhaps a marriage of convenience.

Logan Jackson is head of a huge diamond mine business in Canada and has not been home to Australia for a long time, only to visit his one half-sister Melissa. He has been kidnapped, held hostage in Africa and badly injured during his escape. His childhood was also not the best. His father married one woman after another and never cared about his children. Logan was sent to boarding school when his mother walked out on them both, so love and marriage is something that Logan does not believe in. But when his best friend, Scott, and his wife are killed in a car accident, and Logan has promised to be guardian of their five year old daughter, Charlotte, he has to fight for the right to get her back from her uncaring grandmother. Logan needs to move back to Australia, settle down and maybe find a wife of convenience to help him get the custody he wants.

Fate has brought Sophie and Logan together. At a restaurant in Sydney, neither really knows each other, but there is such a spark of electricity when they first meet, neither can deny it. Logan is then determined to make Sophie his wife for a short time, and he is nothing if not persistent. Sophie has reservations. She dearly wants to marry for the right reasons. Yes, they have a lot going for them: passion, trust and friendship after spending a lot of time together. Sophie knows that this relationship will make her grandfather very happy, and Logan should get custody of Charlotte easily as Sophie already adores the little girl.

I really enjoyed this story. It is filled with passion, and it is very emotional as Sophie falls in love with Logan, but Logan takes his time realising that he too loves Sophie. Learning what the different colours of roses mean for romance will make you smile, truly. I was very much looking forward to this one after reading Echoes of the Heart, and it did not disappoint. I highly recommend this one.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

  1. Malvina permalink
    20 May 2015 10:57 am

    Helen, I agree with you, a terrific book. It was also given a nice review by Miranda on the writer’s blog from the RWA group Breathless in the Bush: . Nice to know we’re all on the ‘same page’! Lots of conflict, drama, and hot romance.

    • helensibbritt permalink
      20 May 2015 5:10 pm

      Very good story woohoo I must go and see this other review

      have Fun

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