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Feature book: Echoes of the Heart

20 May 2015

Echoes of the HeartEchoes of the Heart by Alyssa J Montgomery

Amanda Bennett has grown up with her Aunt Irene in the western suburbs of Sydney in a housing commission area. She has always been poor, but her aunt and she have had a good life together after Amanda’s mother walked out on her when Amanda was just a toddler. She has never known her father, but she gets a good job as a secretary for a top lawyer in the City. She works hard as her aunt has multiple sclerosis. But when, at the age of twenty-five, she meets the most handsome of men at Whale Beach, her life changes. Jake Formosa is wonderful, and she gives him her virginity. She is quiet and caring, but when their short relationship ends, she is caught up in a tangle and ends up marrying her boss—top Sydney lawyer, Lloyd Bennett. And so begins a cruel and very unhappy time until Lloyd takes his own life. Now Amanda is free to lead her own life and care for her aunt.

Jake is the head of one of the biggest media companies in the country. He is mega rich and very handsome. He has had a good life growing up with loving parents and has never wanted for anything. Then he meets the most beautiful girl ever, and he falls head over heels in love with Amanda. He is determined to make her his. His father is not happy about the relationship though, and he says that she is a gold-digger, comes from the wrong side of town and will let him down. But Jake knows better. When his father has a heart attack, things change drastically for Amanda and Jake with misunderstandings between them, and Amanda ends up married to Lloyd while Jake marries his best friend, Sophie. Jake and Sophie’s marriage lasts six months only.

Jake never forgets Amanda, and when she is widowed, he is determined to finally purge her from his life. He sets out to blackmail her into spending time with him. He comes across as cruel, but Amanda is so desperate to help her aunt that she will do just about anything—even prostitute herself. So the journey begins, but there are so many secrets, and Amanda is sworn to secrecy about her marriage. With the media following her around after the suicide note from Lloyd is sent to them, their time together is one uphill battle, but neither can deny the electricity that sparks between them, and it is hard for Jake to keep their time together businesslike.

I really enjoyed this story. Although Jake seems a bit cruel in his ways, he is far from cruel. He is such a caring hero as he discovers so many truths about Amanda’s marriage: why Amanda married Lloyd and misunderstood his relationship with Sophie. All these reasons have pulled them apart, but both Jake and Amanda have loved each other always. The things that Jake does to help Amanda, as the truth comes out, will have you smiling. This is a sensual and emotional story that I highly recommend. I loved it.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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    20 May 2015 11:02 am

    On my list, Helen!

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