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Feature book: Rough Rider

13 May 2015

Rough RiderRough Rider by Victoria Vane

This is the second book about the Knowlton brothers and we find the reason for Dirk’s anger.

Plain Janice is one of the boys. She is on the rodeo circuit trying to make some money to keep her family ranch. The family company provides the bulls for the riders. Janice is often resentful and she has valuable information on the bulls and their temperament. Janice has always felt overshadowed by Rachel, who is dating Dirk Knowlton; Janice is secretly in love with Dirk. When Rachel and Dirk have a major fight, Dirk and Janice have a night of passion. Dirk leaves the next day and Janice is forced to return to the family ranch. She marries Grady, Dirk’s rival and friend.

Grady is killed in a riding accident and Janice is forced to look after her son. She runs into Dirk and he offers her a job working with his new cattle breed. Janice is eager to work with the cattle.

Dirk Knowlton dated Rachel, the most popular girl. She tried to mould him into someone he wasn’t and they parted. Rachel then married his brother, Wade. Dirk has become an angry man and he doesn’t understand why. He is angry with his brother and his situation. He finds that he always feels a sense of calm around Janice. When she reappears in his life, he comes to understand more about himself and what he feels for Janice.

Having read Wade’s story, I was intrigued to read Dirk’s story and it certainly lived up to expectations. Although, I must say that Dirk’s story has more angst and reflection and the longest journey to get to the HEA. If you enjoy reading about cowboys then this is certainly one to put in your TBR.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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  1. lynette williams permalink
    13 May 2015 3:14 pm

    sounds a very mixed romance—Lyn

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