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Guest blogger: VK Black

10 May 2015

VK BlackSplash! That’s VK Black jumping into the self-published author pond

I had an epiphany the other day.

But some background information first.

I can spend endless hours happily wedged to my couch with a good book, while the dog hairs and dust settle around me. When my children were little, I read to them all the time, hoping they’d grow up to love reading too. But, sadly, now they are all grown up and have responsible jobs (Kristi is a teacher, Evan works in IT—I lure him home to fix my website with offers of dinner), it has turned out neither of them read.

They’ve both embraced audiobooks. I think it’s because they like multi-tasking. Kristi can straighten her hair and do her makeup while listening to a story. Evan can play WOW. Is this a Generation Y thing? I’d really like to know.

Back to my epiphany. When Romance Writers of Australia, with Cathleen Ross at the helm, conducted a course on self-publishing, I signed up. I had a few short stories already written, so I published them as an anthology. You may have seen the excerpt I handed out along with a chocolate bribe at ARRC2015 in Canberra. I called the anthology A Bubbly Holiday: Three Short, Sweet Romances in Tropical Paradise.

Ever the hopeful mum, I gave a copy to Kristi. She’d refused to read my other books because of their erotic nature. (Mothers are not supposed to know about that sort of thing.) To my absolute surprise, she read it and said, ‘I really loved it.’ Most tellingly, she also said, ‘I don’t like long books. I liked the way your stories were short.’ (Or words to that effect.)

Epiphany time! Are short stories what romance lovers of Gen Y want? And it’s not just Gen Ys who have so little time to read. Many people can only read on the train or in their lunch hour. Or on the treadmill at the gym. That’s where I love to read short stories, actually. So I made a decision, thanks to inspiration from Kristi. I’m going to publish a short story or an anthology of short stories every two months for a year. All of them will be fun, escapist romances.

There. I’ve said it. I’ll have to do it now.

And first cab off the rank is: (Very) Short, Sweet, and Kinda Sexy.

You can find VK Black here: Website | Facebook | Twitter

VSSKS 4.0(Very) Short, Sweet, and Kinda Sexy

Relax and leave the workaday world behind. Join in the fun and laughter of these six short, sweet, and sexy romances.

How to Deal with a Surprise Penis
The Kiss
Out on the Ledge
Sleep Deprivation Blues
Oral Sex Workshop
He Said She Said

You can buy (Very) Short, Sweet, and Kinda Sexy from Amazon.

  1. 16 May 2015 11:57 am

    Thanks, Rhyll. It’s my favourite story in the collection.

  2. 10 May 2015 6:52 pm

    Ha-ha, I love that you have a story called ‘How to Deal with a Surprise Penis’, too funny! Great post.

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