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Feature book: Intensive Care

6 May 2015

Intensive CareIntensive Care by Nicki Edwards

Kate Kennedy is a nurse in ICU at one of Sydney’s top hospitals. She has everything going for her, such as a wonderful boyfriend, who she lives with. Marcus, a lawyer who spoils her rotten with lovely gifts and clothes, does not believe in marriage. Everything has to be planned in their lives. When Kate comes home from work one day and finds his phone there with a message, she checks the message, thinking she may need to get in touch with him. But she is stunned with what the message says. She is devastated and decides that it is time to leave him to start a new life. She has a secret that she keeps close to her, so she does what any girl would do and calls her mum. Together they pack her things, and Kate moves back home with her parents. She totally ignores all of Marcus’s phone calls and text messages. Then Kate does something so spontaneous and applies for a job in the country, thinking that a complete change will help her get on with her life. It is not always easy to settle into a new town—especially a country one.

Joel O’Connor grew up in the town of Birrangulla in rural NSW, Australia. Although he was born in Ireland, he has lived in Australia since he was 15. He has a close family—a twin brother and younger sister. He has been away at university and has lived in other states. He has been engaged to be married, but when tragedy strikes, Joel’s life is shattered. He goes to a very dark place. With his family’s help, he pulls himself back together and returns home to start a café that makes the best coffee in the town. He also has a small organic farm that he works hard on. He is gorgeous and very popular in the town, and his sister is very protective of him.

When Kate moves to Birrangulla, she finds it very hard to make friends. She is lonely and misses the friendships she has always had while working in the hospital in Sydney. She is told that it takes time to become a local and that she must be patient, but when searching out the town for the best coffee, she meets Joel. Although they met once before very quickly, there is an instant spark between them. They become firm friends, but neither one of them is looking for love as both have too much in their pasts. Of course, true love will always win.

This is a lovely story. The setting is beautiful. The writer will have you crying and smiling in this emotional journey to a HEA with a true gentleman hero and a caring heroine, who has a problem with confrontation. I did very much enjoy this story and would recommend this one to anyone who has ever dreamed of a tree change.

Reviewed by Helen

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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