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Feature book: A Date with Her Valentine Doc

6 May 2015

A Date with Her Valentine DocA Date with Her Valentine Doc by Melanie Milburne

Beatrix (Bertie) Clark is a doctor in one of London’s big hospitals, St Ignatius. She works in ICU and is very caring. She has had a different upbringing as her parents are hippies. She has travelled a lot with them and gone through some very different phases, but she is very close to them and her sister, Jem. Bertie has just had a major change in her life. The day before her wedding, she caught her fiancé, Andy, in bed with someone else, and he dumped her. Most of her life she has been made fun of. This is extremely hard for her and she goes off on the ‘honeymoon’ alone. Upon returning to work, she cannot bring herself to tell her workmates that she has been jilted, so she allows everyone to think that her ‘husband’ is away and continues the lie. While she is away, a new head of ICU has started. When she meets Dr Matt Bishop, the sparks fly, and lots of X-rated thoughts go through her head.

Dr Matt Bishop has recently started his new job. He has been through some tough times in his life and a recent break up. He comes from a wealthy family, but there is no love in his family. He doesn’t seem to smile a lot, and he comes across a bit hard and strong with the changes he is going to need to make. He likes to keep his personal life private. But when he meets Bertie, the blood sings through his veins. She is quirky in her odd clothes with her different hair styles, but she does stand up to him, which makes the spark between them even stronger.

As Matt and Bertie get closer, they cannot keep their hands off each other. But with everyone thinking that Bertie is married, she keeps the lie going as she will not embarrass herself and become a laughing-stock by telling them the truth. She really does have the feeling that Matt somehow knows that she is single. She is sure he will not have an affair with a married woman. The banter between them is wonderful. The push and pull and the covering up of the truth is hard for Bertie, and when their fellow workers realise they are getting closer (especially when they need to organise the annual Valentine’s Day Ball for the hospital), this causes more problems for them.

This story is written in first person, which is a bit different for me, but I really did enjoy it. Bertie had me laughing and smiling throughout the story with her thoughts on life and Matt. She really can’t help but be helpful. She is such a loving and caring person. The sensual and passionate journey to a HEA will have you turning the pages, and the ending is just so beautiful. This really is a fun and lovely story that I highly recommend.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the author’s publicist.


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