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Feature book: Against the Sky

29 April 2015

Against the SkyAgainst the Sky by Kat Martin

All he wants to do is get his feelings sorted and take the break he so deserves.

Nick Brodie was an Alaskan PD homicide detective and has retired as the last incident proved to be just one too many. His brother, Rafe, handed him a ticket to Las Vegas so that he could get away and have a break. And he will, just as soon as the funeral of his neighbour is over. In Vegas he meets Samantha and has a one-night stand. On his return, he is faced with his young friend insisting that his dad was murdered and did not die of natural causes. Given the incidents happening to Jimmy and his aunt, Nick quickly realised that Jimmy may have been correct. It means that he has to call in some favours and Nick finds that someone on the force cannot be trusted.

Samantha Hollis is in marketing. She is in Las Vegas for a convention. She runs into trouble in the hall and Nick saves her. He invites her to visit him in Alaska. When she takes him up on the invitation she does so knowing she is pregnant by Nick. She wants to find out what type of person he is before she tells him about the baby. Samantha then finds herself in the middle of Nick’s unofficial investigation. She is not sure whether to help out or get out of town.

As always Ms Martin gives the reader a story that is interesting and absorbing. The relationship between Nick and Samantha is foremost in the book and the events they become involved in will help the relationship move forward, and in some cases go backwards, as the couple learn more about each other.

This is another story about the Brodie brothers and the brooding Nick is a man who finds the right woman at the right time. He also realises that he needs to take care of her and their relationship. This is a good book for an afternoon read.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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  1. 30 April 2015 3:21 pm

    All the right ingredients for a very suspenseful story, Heather. Really like the sound of it. Of course, mention the word ‘Alaska’ and you have me. For some reason, I just love stories set in the state. So, definitely one I need to follow up.😀

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