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Feature book: The Chieftain’s Feud

15 April 2015

The Chieftain's FuedThe Chieftain’s Feud by Frances Housden

Jamie Ruthven has grown up a lot since we met him in the first book of this series. He has done his training with The McArthur and returned to his family keep and has spent a lot of time at court. He has become known as a skirt-lifter and seducer after having been seduced himself by the very nasty Brodwyn. He has in fact now sworn off females, especially if they have red hair. But there is another red head determined to win his heart and that is Evangeline Buchan (Eve). Jamie is hard pressed to ignore her, but there has been an ongoing feud between these two families for a very long time. Jamie cannot find out what started it.

Eve has her heart set on Jamie and no other will do. She has grown up without a mother. Her father is strong and she has two brothers and an uncle, who she is not very fond of. She has no idea what started the feud either. She pushes Jamie and they have a very sensual affair until her father and uncle find out and convince her to return to the family keep because of her brothers. She must go but Jamie’s heart is broken. He has been had again.

Eve is devastated when she finds out her father and uncle have got her back using lies. She anxiously awaits Jamie to come for her, especially since she has news that she must tell him and hide from her family. But Jamie is determined to not go after Eve. She has chosen her family over him and that is that. So when Eve can no longer hide her condition with the help of her loyal maid, she takes off in the middle of the night in a fierce snow storm to go to the McArthur stronghold, Cragenlaw, knowing that Jamie is there.

When Jamie and his friends, Rob and Nhaimeth, are out in this snow storm gathering greenery for the Yule festivities, they come across a horse and rider half-dead in the snow. They bring the person back to Cragenlaw for them to find out that the rider is no other than Eve Buchan and that she is very pregnant. Jamie warms her and saves her. There is lots of love and talk and they decide to marry before the bairn is born. With Eve’s father and uncle arriving and Jamie’s father there as well, this starts a very strong argument where truths are uncovered.

I really enjoyed this novella as I have the other books in this series. The setting is in Scotland in Medieval times. I love especially Christmas and lots of snow as Jamie and Eve have a rough journey to a beautiful HEA.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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  1. helensibbritt permalink
    15 April 2015 1:46 pm

    Loved this one ☺

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