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Feature book: Slow Hand

15 April 2015

Slow HandSlow Hand by Victoria Vane

It is not the best trip especially when you hate flying but Nikki needs to get to where she needs to be.

Nicole (Nikki) Powell is on her way to bury her father. Yes, she hasn’t seen her father in many years but she feels she needs to make this last rite and to see if she can connect with her father somehow. Nikki doesn’t see herself as special. She doesn’t talk to her mother after a disagreement and she has some contact with her half-sister. She tries to improve her life by study and working. Nikki can’t help but feel that she picks loser men. She has a bad track record with cowboys and doesn’t want to ever be involved with another cowboy. Until she meets Wade.

Wade Knowlton is a lawyer. He is also part of a ranching family. He is trying to persuade his brother to sell the family property, but has been unsuccessful. He has his issues with his brother (which I suspect will eventually clear later) so this makes him want to distance himself from the family. Then he meets Nikki. He has a past that he is not proud of but he does let Nikki know, which tells him that she means more than he initially realises.

Wade gives up his seat on the plane for Nikki and eventually meets up with her and the attraction is instant. As they try and deal with their attraction, often unsuccessfully, there is the issue of the lawyer–client relationship and the paperwork regarding her father’s death, and then the reading of the will. This pair are usually able to separate their personal from working relationship.

Circumstances mean that the pair separate but it is the growth of both that leads them back to each other and probably in a surprising, or perhaps not so surprising manner! Cowboy stories can be sexy and this one has a sexy hero in Wade. He is the ideal man for Nikki.

A very enjoyable read.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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