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Feature book: Resisting the Musician

8 April 2015

Resisting the MuscianResisting the Musician by Ally Blake

‘What do you mean I have to learn to play the guitar?’ is the statement coming from Lori. If she wants the surprise, she has to learn.

Lori Hanover is director of her own company but there is a publicity crisis. Lori needs her sister to start designing shoes again and stop being distracted by this rock star, and she needs to stop the negative publicity that comes from her sister’s relationship. Callie, her sister, has written a song and wants Dash Mills to put it to music. Lori is intent on making that happen for her sister. She makes the trip to Dash’s home and it is then he makes his request. Callie and Lori had lived their lives according to the Marilyn Monroe philosophy—what would Marilyn do?

Dash Mills is a loner. Or has become a loner since his decision to leave the band. His decision was based on what his part-time lover did by keeping the fact that his uncle was dying from him. There is a lot of tension between Dash and Jake over his decision (but we do see the friendship return). Dash wants to take his life in another direction and he lets Lori into that new world.

When Lori realises that she has no control over what is happening between Callie and Jake, she becomes more relaxed and is able to enjoy the relationship between herself and Dash. Playing guitar becomes something she wants to do for Dash.

This story fits in with the rock star genre and it shows the roller-coaster ride that being in the headlines brings. Lori is probably the one who takes longer than Dash to come around to the relationship. It shows that Lori is really a product of her background and eventually realises that she needs to go with the flow rather than try and control everyone around her. When she lets go, she finds that she has the things she wants.

A very enjoyable read.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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