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Feature book: Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives

25 March 2015

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives

You have seen the Real Housewives of various cities around the world and now you can take a sneak peak at the Secret Confessions of Sydney Housewives.

VirginiaVirginia by Rhian Cahill

Virginia Wexworth has a secret. Her husband walked out on her but she has maintained the belief that she is still married. After all, image is everything. She frequents Boyd’s and picks up men for the night. Carter Boyd wants her. He has been giving her subtle signals but she hasn’t responded. Until now. Carter is prepared for hot sex, as is Virginia. But Carter wants more. He is more than happy to have their relationship go under the radar until she can tell her friends that she is divorced. Her secret is that during her dinner party, Carter is in her bedroom waiting for her to finish with her friends and they can be together. Perhaps forever.

LanaLana by Cate Ellink

Lana Driscoll is an actress and over 40. She likes her men young and Tom provides a one-on-one experience she won’t quickly forget. He gets to state her ultimate fantasy (a threesome) and then goes about making it happen for her. Lana’s fantasy experience goes way beyond what she imagined. As a tease for her friends she has the three young men work as topless waiters at the dinner party. Tom and his friends want to make the fantasy happen again for her after the dinner …

NellaNella by Cathleen Ross

Nella Pouache has been married for 27 years. She loves her husband and her husband loves her. They met when his first wife died and he was trying to deal with his young daughter. He is a billionaire businessman so he has power in the boardroom but when he comes home, Nella is the Master. Nella has a dinner date planned for her husband, one he will remember. She takes him on a journey and he enjoys it.

These three stories uncover the secret lives of three Sydney housewives, and there are more to come (pun intended). These are novellas but are hot. They are erotic stories that vary in sexual practices and hotness. There is the hot sex and some of the stories go beyond the plain ordinary sex. If you like erotic stories then you will enjoy this series.

Reviewed by Heather

Review copies of these stories were provided by the publisher.


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