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Feature book: Secret Santo

18 March 2015

Secret SantoSecret Santo by Carla Caruso

Holly loves Christmas time. She wants the whole thing but her mother thinks Christmas is just crass commercialism and her dad follows her mother. Holly has an aunt and uncle who love Christmas. Holly reads romance, works in a bookstore and is Sultry Scarlet the review blogger. Her favourite author is AJ Ruffo, who actually writes crime, and she plans to meet him at the publisher’s Christmas party.

Holly also happens to be a bit accident prone. On arrival at the party, she trips and is rescued by Santo Randolfi. As they chat, Santo tells her things that seem true. Her phone ends up in the chocolate and she almost catches on fire. She then kisses him. Holly finds that things are not as she expects.

It is Christmas Day and Holly is with her aunt and uncle. Santo turns up with his niece and explanations for him keeping secrets from her.

This is a nice Christmas novella that really brings in the spirit of Christmas for the reader.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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