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Feature book: A Kirribilli Christmas

18 March 2015

A Kirribilli ChristmasA Kirribilli Christmas by Louise Reynolds

Can you leave home then return to the way things used to be? Shelby Collins is hoping this is the case. Her boyfriend of nine months handed her a diamond ring and a plane ticket so he could go to his family and she could go to hers—in Australia. Shelby is a little confused by this but then she understands that she may only be temporary and not of marriageable material in Nelson’s life. Shelby takes the hint and returns to Australia, her first visit since her mother’s death.

At her old home she finds Dan Sayers, one of the many foster children her mother cared for over the years. Dan is shocked, and secretly delighted, to see Shelby. She helps with the Christmas preparations as the other children fostered by her mother are also due to arrive to celebrate Christmas.

The Christmas festivities sour when the others realise that Shelby is there, as they do not hold a high opinion of her, and Shelby is made to feel unwelcome. Shelby has always thought that the foster children received more of her mother’s time than her, and was resentful. It is not until Boxing Day that all the secrets come out into the open and Shelby realises where she should be.

This is a nice novella about coming home and Christmas. After all isn’t Christmas the time for forgiveness and new starts?

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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