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Feature book: Called by Fire

11 March 2015

Called by FireCalled by Fire by Delwyn Jenkins

Want a fun read? The quirky witch humour in this tale of combining masculine power with witch femininity is a great way to spend a quiet night in. Kamryn Vale (Kam) is a Dahnan Witch and so are her best friends, Mycah, Amelia and Charlotte. Each of the witches draw from one of the four elements: fire, water, earth and air. Together, they form a Quatre in their third year at the Collegium with only eleven months left to study magic.

Our first meeting is with Kam, the fire witch, who finds herself alone with a naked Watchtower Knight getting out of his hipbath. Too busy running from Sentinel Braddock, Kam is unmoved by the tower of skin and muscle standing behind her. No matter, because the Knight offers her a deal to get her attention and make the pesky sentinel go away. But it will cost her two kisses at the Knight’s convenience.

Alex the Reckless can’t help being turned on by this ‘unsuspecting piece of femininity’, deciding to offer her the deal strictly on his own terms. He is a soldier in the Watchtower cohort comprised of five other Knights, which has been summoned by the ruling Primus Witches. Stripped of any authority or means of investigating, his cohort is ordered to conduct inquiries into the suspicious death of a student witch close to Kam’s Quatre. With the revelation of another missing witch named Morgan, Kam’s Quatre decide to team with the cohort of Knights to fight the evil Malleus to bring Morgan back to the safety of the Collegium. Along the way, Alex claims his two kisses with fiery consequences.

The world Ms Jenkins creates is an approach that will appeal to a new adult audience. I thought it was interesting that the witches provide their own conveniences with their magic. Kam heats the water with her fire, and Amelia, the air witch, uses her magic to dry their hair after a shower. I laughed at the milk container flying at Kam’s head in one instance when the girls disagree. The chemistry between Alex and Kam sizzles. They both know what they want and they do anything to get it.

Overall, this is a great story that has much to recommend it. The characters each have their own little quirks and sympathies, even Malleus, and the world of magic that Jenkins portrays entertains on every page.

Reviewed by Georgia

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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