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Release day: Miracle in March

8 March 2015

Today is the official release of Miracle in March by Juliet Madison (ebook, Escape Publishing). Here’s the blurb:

Miracle in MarchA new Tarrin’s Bay novel from best-selling author Juliet Madison. She took a break from real life, and found what she didn’t know she was looking for.

Emma had plans, travel plans, going-far-away plans, but her family means everything to her, so when they needed help, she was there to deliver it. Running the family business of beachside cabins in Tarrin’s Bay might not be the same as the French Riviera, but Emma finds a certain level of peace in the beautiful setting and small town community.

But when she finds that her ex-boyfriend, a man she left behind without explanation, staying in one of the cabins, her peace is ruined. She knows the only way to get it back is to share the secret she’s been hiding for five years, and admit to him the limitations that she now carries. But James has his own truths to share, and he’s not the man that Emma once knew.

They are both in very different places than before, but it’s a time for renewal and second chances when their reunion brings secrets to the surface, dreams to be remembered, and the realisation that they are both in need of a little miracle.

Juliet dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

Like the other two books in my coastal Tarrin’s Bay series, Miracle in March has secrets, family drama, emotional romance, and heartwarming moments. I loved writing the single father storyline, especially as it touches on autism, an issue close to my heart. Though it’s the third book in this series, it is also a stand-alone story, so if you are new to the series it doesn’t matter whether you start with this one, The January Wish, or February or Forever. Those who have read the other two books might be pleased to know though, that some characters do reappear. I set this book at the beach holiday park just down from my house, so I hope that readers will find the setting vivid and authentic. I can no longer go for a walk there now without thinking of the characters in this book!

You can find out more about this book at Juliet’s website and buy it from Escape Publishing.

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