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ARRC2015: Booktopia, platinum sponsor

3 March 2015

BooktopiaIt’s been a big 12 months at Booktopia. In July last year we moved into a new headquarters and distribution centre in Sydney, nearly three times the size of our previous HQ. This move was the result of a key philosophy at Booktopia, a philosophy that has enabled us to grow from a $10 a day idea into a thriving $50m dollar business employing over 100 Australians.

Listen to our readers.

You told us we needed to hold more books in stock. Since July we now have over 500,000 books in our distribution centre, ready to ship. And that number will increase dramatically over the coming months.

You told us you wanted to speak to real people whenever you contacted us. Our in-house customer service team has expanded, a team of Australians passionate about books and customer service, ready to take your calls, messages and emails about anything and everything.

You told us you wanted to hear more about the latest books, news and reviews. Our Booktopia Buzz, edited by one of Australia’s most respected literary journalists Caroline Baum, goes out to nearly 1 million Australians every month, profiling and reviewing the biggest and best books on the horizon, always putting an emphasis on local titles and talents. We also have a dedicated romance newsletter, curated by the queen of romance Kat Mayo, exploring dozens of new romance titles every month with reviews and author interviews along the way.

You told us you wanted to hear more from authors. We now have a YouTube channel, Booktopia TV, where we interview the biggest authors around and find out what makes them tick. The Booktopia Blog, the home of the famous Ten Terrifying Questions, features author interviews, guest blogs and industry news like no other.

You told us you wanted more features on our website, more hands on selections from our team of experts. We now have comprehensive bestseller lists across a range of genres, a dedicated ‘Australian Stories’ collection, series pages, author pages, expert picks, and a range of gift guides for every occasion.

Romance readers have told us something from day one, one of the most important and often overlooked facts of bookselling.

Publishers and booksellers should thank romance readers and authors every day for the remarkable contribution they have made to the industry. In a fast paced world of short attention spans and brittle interests, romance readers have maintained their indomitable passion for reading, gobbling up book after book with joy, while romance authors continue to break new ground and offer us more and more memorable stories and characters year after year.

Romance readers have played an immeasurable part in Booktopia’s success over the years, helping us become Australia’s largest locally owned and operated online bookstore, voted by readers as Australia’s Favourite Bookstore in 2013.

So when the opportunity arose that we could be a platinum sponsor of the Australian Romance Readers Convention, we jumped at the chance. It’s our opportunity to say thanks to all romance readers and authors for their support, both now and into the future.

Don’t forget to drop by our booth at ARRC, and chat to a couple of Booktopia’s finest, Andrew Cattanach and John Purcell. And don’t forget to ask John about his secret life as one of Australia’s bestselling erotic authors!

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  1. helensibbritt permalink
    3 March 2015 12:16 pm

    Woohoo sounds awesome looking forward to seeing you all at ARRC2015

    Have Fun

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