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Feature book: Tempted by the Billionaire Tycoon

25 February 2015

Tempted by the Billionaire TycoonTempted by the Billionaire Tycoon by Jennifer St George

He wants her gone from his health resort as there are too many bad things happening and the publicity is hurting the business. His second-in-charge won’t fire her, but he will … maybe.

Poppy Bradford is the manager of a health resort. She is well aware the accidents that are happening are damaging the name of the resort, but she hopes that she can think outside the square to stop the bad publicity. Poppy has worked hard to get where she is. Poppy needs the job to pay for her sister’s education and Jaz’s horse, which forms part of her sister’s healing process. Her sister has had issues with the death of their parents and Poppy wants her sister to have whatever she needs to ensure she keeps on an even keel. One incident almost destroys Jaz, but when she realises a few things Jaz is able to pick herself up and change from her sorrowful self to someone who wants more out of life. Poppy needs to find out who is trying to destroy the resort. Then she finds she has to do it with her boss breathing down her neck.

Nicolo Capitini is the owner of the resort. He has risen from a difficult background and doesn’t want his resorts or his name tarnished as his father has tarnished the family name. He wants his mother and sister to leave his father behind so that he can look after them, but they are reluctant to do so. But one event changes that. He goes to this resort to fire Poppy. He finds that he is torn between his attraction and admiration for her and the gossip that she steals ideas from others. He can’t decide which person Poppy really is. Then Poppy saves Nic’s life and he realises that he loves Poppy more than anything.

This is a story of the billionaire and a staff member. The story shows how love can overcome the different backgrounds and lifestyles of the two people. Adversity and near death has a way of opening up the mind to other things and the love around. This is an enjoyable read.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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  1. helensibbritt permalink
    25 February 2015 12:42 pm

    I loved this one 🙂

    Have Fun

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