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Feature book: Home for Christmas

25 February 2015

Home for ChristmasHome for Christmas by Fiona Greene

Home for Christmas begins with Sergeant Tate McAuliffe, stationed in Afghanistan, receiving a Christmas care package from Australia. Layla Preston is the daughter of an ex-army officer and her brother, Ben, was also in the army. As she packed another care package for the tenth year, she didn’t know how much impact this one was going to have on her life. A simple email to say thanks from Tate evolves into an email correspondence. As they slowly get to know each other, he learns that she values family and owns her own company growing and decorating Christmas trees. For Tate, family and Christmas have become two items on his list of things he doesn’t do. As a result, instead of following his initial instinct to see if there was a possibility of a relationship, he ends contact.

Layla is upset by this and she decides to make contact again to ascertain if he is single. If he is, then she is going to fight for a relationship. Tate is single and their relationship begins to develop again as they open up more to each other over email. Then Tate and his best mate are injured, which takes things to a new level for both of them. It also adds new issues for them as guilt and bad memories resurface. Layla can’t deal with the memories and backs off. Then Tate gets some personal leave and comes to see her to fight for them.

As Layla swallows her fears and begins to email Tate again, she learns he is coming home. Together they make plans for his return and they enjoy a sweet reunion, which is then ruined by the arrival of his mother. Tate gives his mother an ultimatum and then leaves with Layla. As their relationship continues to develop, plans are made to spend their first Christmas together. Will this be a Christmas to remember or to forget? Will this be the Christmas that Santa brings exactly what Layla and Tate want or will it be another to add to the bad memories list?

Fiona Greene’s debut novella provides the reader with a sweet, thought-provoking novella that is perfect for some pre-Christmas reading when you are able to catch a break from the silly season preparations. You will enjoy cheering Tate and Layla on, as well as having the chance to get a glimpse behind the headlines of today’s newspapers.

Reviewed by Tracey T

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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  1. helensibbritt permalink
    25 February 2015 12:43 pm

    I am looking forward to this one I am way behind in my reading 🙂

    Have Fun

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