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Feature book: Rescue Nights

18 February 2015

Rescue NightsRescue Nights by Nina Hamilton

Kate Spears, a rescue paramedic, lives in a villa at a resort in Cairns, which her best friend Lucy manages. She can afford to live there because there’s an overabundance of hotel rooms in Cairns and she negotiated a good rent. Kate’s family is disappointed that she chose to become a rescue paramedic rather than a doctor. She feels she needs to hold herself to a higher standard than the rest of the male crew, ensuring she is treated equally. Kate doesn’t date crew members or colleagues in the helicopter rescue service.

Dr Andrew Wentworth, an English cardio-thoracic surgeon, mountaineer and all-round gorgeous hunk, signs up for a six-month stint as a doctor as part of the Cairns-based helicopter rescue team. He’s hiding from his successful career in London because his ex-fiancé, less than 24 hours after she’d dumped him, took up with one of his colleagues. He needed to get some distance between himself, the hospital gossip, politics, the aforementioned colleague and his ex-fiancé.

Kate is really not impressed with Andrew at the start of the story. She thinks he’s arrogant and he does exude a mightier-than-the-average vibe. Andrew does expect everyone to defer to him because of his background and finds it difficult to know he’s not top dog on the rescue team. There’s also that feeling of the posh Londoner slumming it in, albeit beautiful, tropical hicksville Australia. Andrew and Kate always seem to deliberately, although sometimes not, insult each other. They do, however, fall into a comfortable and complementary working team. Kate is protective of her independent and capable work persona and even though she’s attracted to Andrew, won’t start a time restricted (he’s heading back to London after his six-month contract is up) relationship with a colleague.

It was really enjoyable to read a story that concentrated on the two people involved in the romance. The extraneous characters and the helicopter rescue service provided entertaining background for the story and there were no scheming exes or villains keeping the lovers apart, just their own hang-ups and problems. There is of course a happily ever after, but the path is rocky and full of bruises. It’s a shorter story at about 160 pages, it has both medical and adventure elements, and is a well-paced and low-stress read.

Reviewed by Gina

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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